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Running Technique Coaching

Running is a highly technical sport that needs constant input. You need to ensure that your training and technique is efficient to enable you to maximise your performance without increasing your risk of injury. Are you:

Returning to running after a break
Trying to achieve a new PB
Taking on a running challenge
Dealing with reoccuring injuries

We have the answer!! We can help turn your technical flaws into strengths that will change the way you view running – forever.

You will be amazed at the simple steps you can take to improve your running, making you more efficient and less likely to pick up an injury.



We start our assessment by getting an overview of your running goals, whether that be a specific event, time, or to enjoy your running

injury-free. We’ll then move to understanding where you are starting your journey from.

The mobility and strength assessment comes next. This can identify some of the areas you could improve to have a direct effect on your running efficiency. We then bring all the elements together in order to guide you along the best route to your goal. This could


  • running technique coaching
  • strength exercises
  • mobility work
  • or a little bit of all of them!


Now the fun starts! Our 6 session pack is where we can start putting all this new found information into practice. The sessions will focus on teaching you how to improve certain areas of your running technique, alongside the drills that enforce the changes. We’ll supplement this with a running specific strength and mobility programme, tailored to your needs. At the end of this programme you will understand:

What good technique is.

Which aspect of the technique you need to focus on when fatigued.

What you need to work on to progress further.

It’s a great way for less-experienced runners amongst us to feel confident in starting our running journey from a good place. It also suits those seasoned-runners amongst us who are looking to iron-out the reasons behind those niggling injuries and really work on our running efficiency.

Running Pricing Plan

Choose the running programme that suits you best:

Running Technique Analysis


60 Minute Assessment

Biomechanical video analysis

Pre-requisite to running programme

Introduction Programme


6 x 55 Minute Session

Running Technique Coaching

Running Specific Strength Programme

Complete Programme


12 x 55 Minute Session

Running Technique Coaching

Running Specific Strength Programme