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Pre & Post-Natal

Your Twickenham Pregnancy Massage, Pilates and Mummy MOT Team

Make yourself a priority once in a while. Its not selfish. Its necessary.

We provide a variety of Pre & Post-natal services in our Twickenham clinic because we believe it is a service undervalued but critical to getting your life back on track with no limitations.

We have a range of services including:

· Mummy MOT®

· Pre and post-natal massage

· Pre and post-natal Clinical Pilates

· Clinical personal training

Our clinic is on Twickenham high street and provides all Pre and Post-Natal services shown above.

What is a Mummy MOT®?

Nearly 50% of women experience weakness in both the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles after pregnancy and up to a third still have a tummy gap (diastasis) at eight weeks post-birth.

This can cause instability, secondary to poor core strength, leading to women developing pelvic and back pain or bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction.

These conditions should not be something you should just put up with as a result of having a baby. It’s recommended that you have an initial assessment after their 6-8 week GP check, but we also treat women who gave birth years ago that may still have pelvic floor related issues.

Initial Assessment

This assessment lasts 65 minutes and includes a:

  • Full postural screen
  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment
  • Abdominal muscle exam to check for any separation
  • Screening for bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction

After the assessment, the physiotherapist will put together a bespoke rehabilitation programme with your goals and lifestyle factors in mind. We will also advise and teach you about contentious activities such as lifting your baby, exercising and pushing a buggy.

Why come to us?


All our practitioners are fully trained and licensed to carry out a Mummy MOT®. Mums need to bend, squat and lift so we provide clinical postnatal care and functional exercises for female clients following birth (no matter how long ago).


Every presentation is unique and subsequently requires a different blend of services to match your needs and goals. At Move Physio we provide a range of pre and post-natal services to ensure that you receive the solution to your issues all under one roof.

Pre and Post-natal

Massage Therapy

Pre-natal massages are adapted for the anatomical changes you go through during pregnancy. In a traditional massage, you might spend half the time lying face-down on your stomach (which is not possible with a baby belly) and half the time facing up (a position that puts pressure on a major blood vessel that can disrupt blood flow to your baby and leave you feeling nauseous).

But as your shape and posture changes, a trained massage therapist will make accommodations with special cushioning systems or holes that allow you to lie face down safely, while providing room for your growing belly and breasts. Or you might lie on your side with the support of pillows and cushions.

Pre and Post-natal


We also offer Pre & Post-natal Pilates classes, these classes are carried out by trained medical professionals. Both our pre & post-natal Pilates sessions are adapted from our regular classes to consider the physiological, biomechanical and postural changes that occur during pregnancy. Pre-natal classes are suitable for any stage of pregnancy, with exercises being adapted to suit the different stages.

Pre and Post-natal

Personal Training

Our trainers have a wealth of experience and have had specific training in pre and post-natal related exercise therapy. In addition to this, our trainers have medical and exercise degrees to ensure that you are in experienced, safe hands.

If you are pre-natal, you will need to undergo an assessment to establish your goals and fitness levels. If you are post-natal, you will need to have a Mummy MOT® before undertaking any sessions.

What are the benefits?

Reduces the risk of pre-eclampsia

Strengthens the core muscles

Improves posture

Improves sleep quality

Reduces the risk of gestational diabetes