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Personal Training

Clinical Personal Training

Our clinical personal trainers can help you with 121 personal training sessions near you in central Twickenham

Access our personal training (PT) gym near you in central Twickenham. Before you sign up to clinical PT 121 or group classes, you will need to undergo an assessment with our in-house personal trainers at our Twickenham gym.

Initial Assessment

In our Twickenham gym, we have a range of female and male personal trainers. They all have medical degrees and are trained to treat your injuries and prevent reoccurrence while enhancing your overall fitness and wellbeing!

Our personal trainers are great at what they do, have a wealth of knowledge and will help you on your journey to reach any personal goals.

Why Choose Us?

If you have been injured before and want to exercise effectively and safely
You are getting recurring injuries
You want a bespoke training programme from an EXPERIENCED trainer with a medical and exercise degree
You do not feel like you are achieving your goals with your current routine
You want a local PT in a clean, temperate clinic to train all year round

Let’s Train Effectively

Come down to our Twickenham gym where we have the space, services and skills to help you achieve your goals safely and effectively.

In-depth Assessment

Due to our medical background, our assessment will assess your:

  • Goals
  • Injury risks
  • Quality of exercise technique
One to One

We provide one to one sessions to ensure that the training is specific to you helping you achieve your goals while safely exercising.

Small Group Classes

We hold fun small group classes with a MAXIMUM OF 4 PEOPLE IN A CLASS. We do this so that you can receive great feedback and still be coached on safe exercise technique to prevent injury.

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