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Personal Training

Performance Personal Training

This is sports-specific personal training where you will receive 121 PT near you in our Twickenham personal training gym

We have the top personal trainers with extensive elite sports performance background. Our in-house personal trainers have the skills and software to complete an in-depth biomechanical and functional assessment to help identify your weaknesses.

Once these have been identified, we can implement a sports-specific training program to elevate your performance to the next level. We will re-test and adapt your program accordingly. As your body adapts and progresses, so will your program.

Initial assessment

In our Twickenham gym, you will be put to the test as we work on assessing your biomechanics, strength, flexibility and sports-specific function.

All our PTs have have medical degrees and specialise in exercise. They are trained to enhance your performance while preventing injuries, so you can reach your peak performance.

Our personal trainers will take an in depth view at your current performance levels and identify any areas that are limiting your performance potential.

Our personal trainers are great at what they do, have worked with a variety of high level athletes and will help you on your journey to reach any performance goals.

Why Choose Us?

You want a bespoke training programme from an EXPERIENCED personal trainer with a medical, exercise and biomechanics degree
You do not feel like you are achieving your goals with your current training routine
If you have been injured before and want to exercise while reducing your risk of injury re-occurrence.
You feel re-occurring injuries keep halting your progress when
You want a local PT in a clean, temperate clinic to train all year round

Let’s Train Effectively

Come down to our Twickenham gym where we have the equipment, services and skills to help you smash your goals.

One to One

We only work on a 121 basis to ensure that the training is specific to your goals. Your sessions will work you hard with a big focus on injury prevention and/or enhancing your body to achieve your goals


Due to our biomechanical specialist background, our assessment will take into account your injury risks and sporting goals. We will incorporate retesting sessions along the way as your weaknesses are turned into strengths.

Perfect On Mobiles

Outside of the sessions you will be given a time-efficient, effective exercise programme to follow to maximise your gains. Just download our app and access your exercises.