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The scientific alternative to Yoga in Twickenham

Stretchology uses a range of individualised stretching techniques to help you increase and maintain flexibility

Stretchology is a scientific form of 1-2-1 assisted stretching, which uses a wide range of techniques to create flexibility and joint range of motion leaving you more mobile and less stiff.

Our Stretchologists have medical and exercise degrees, which means that you will be in safe hands while we work your body and push it to new ranges, which they have not been in for sometime.

Whatever blog you read on the internet, it will tell you that one form of stretching is better than another BUT IN REALITY your body responds to different stretch techniques depending on what is the underlying cause of the tightness/tension.

Don’t worry we will work out what blend of stretching you require to maximise the time with us and the long term effect.

How is Stretchology in Twickenham different to Yoga?

In Yoga, the aim is to get into a pose. Your body will do this through the path of least resistance. Although, it might feel like a lot of resistance!

This can lead to the flexible areas becoming more flexible and the stiffer areas staying stiff as they are not specifically targeted.

Have you been stretching your muscles but feel like they stiffen up again by the next time you stretch!? This is a common issue that we hear about.

Stretchology is different to Yoga as it will stop the flexible areas moving so that the stiff joints and muscles are targeted. This will ensure the stiffer parts move more. while stabilising the flexible parts. This is the answer to becoming mroe flexible.

Depending on the outcome of your assessment, we might use some stabilisation exercises to “switch on” muscles to pick up the slack. This will stop the tight muscles becoming overworking and tense.

How do I begin my Stretchology journey?


Initially, you will need to have a one-to-one assessment with the stretchologist so that they can understand more about you and your body. This will include:

  • Range of motion testing
  • Identifying what are the causes of why your muscles are tight and how they respond to different treatments
  • Establishing how your muscles respond to different techniques

After this, your Stretchologist will guide you to which option below is most suitable for you.

1-2-1 Stretchology Sessions

Initial Assessment


  • 60 minute session
  • Joint and muscle range of motion assessment
30 minute stretching session


  • Bespoke exercise programme
  • Exercise program to maintain flexibility between sessions
  • Ideal for upper OR lower body
45 minute stretching session


  • Bespoke stretching session
  • Exercise program to maintain flexibility between sessions
  • Ideal for upper AND lower body


Increase flexibility: making everyday activities easier

Increase range of motion: to decrease tension in your joints and muscles which will help you to move more freely

Improve posture: To improve muscle function and control around joints

Relieve Stress: decrease your heart rate, slow down your breathing and encourage muscle relaxation

Enhance recovery: reduce muscle stiffness and soreness by increasing blood flow and lengthening muscle spindles

Enhance performance: activate key muscle groups to help them support your body as you strive to achieve your goals