New Patients

Are you in pain or do you have an injury?

Lots of clients ask us should I have physiotherapy or a massage? If you have pain, have pulled something or have strange sensations like numbness we suggest booking an initial physiotherapy. However, if you feel a bit stiff or tight then we would suggest a massage session.

The main difference is that a physiotherapy session will diagnose the cause of your pain, treat it and stop it from returning. A massage session will treat your area of complaint which will make you feel better but might not fully resolve the issue.

Are you looking to exercise to stay healthy? Or rehabilitate from an injury?

We have amazing exercise facilities including a large, fully equipped gym with free weights, squat rack, treadmill to name a few. We also have a calm, bright Pilates studio. We are unique as we only hold small classes of 4 people or take on 1-2-1 sessions. 

This is because we want to teach you how to exercise effectively so you understand and maximize your body’s potential. 

All our teachers have medical degrees and extensive exercise experience. All our clients talk about how our level of detail, minor exercise adjustments and communication set us apart from the rest.


Our Physiotherapy clinic is located near you on Twickenham High Street and serves the Borough of Richmond. Alongside Physiotherapy, we are also highly skilled in Pilates, Massage, Running Technique Coaching and Personal Training.

We are an independent, friendly and compassionate team who will go above and beyond to put your health and wellbeing at the forefront. Choose us today to find out what Move Physio can offer you. At Move Physio we believe you deserve the very best treatment to help treat, prevent and enhance your overall health and wellbeing in Twickenham. We achieve this by ensuring your experience is at the forefront of our process.

Why Choose Move Physio

We love what we do and we believe that comes across in our treatment, through the feel of our clinic and our dedication to top quality customer service.

We have a lot of happy and pain-free clients, we look forward to making you one of these as well.